About Us

About us

Honda Manufacturing Nigeria Ltd (HMN) was founded in July 1979 in Ogun State, Nigeria. Ever since then, HMN has continued its business by Motorcycle production and distribution, Power products distribution and Spare parts (both Motorcycle and Power products) distribution.

Honda power products Nigeria

We are the suppliers of original Honda power products in the country, our products are guaranteed to be durable, fuel efficient (economical) and also environment friendly. Over the years, we have assisted Honda Motors Co. Ltd Africa in the area of Research and Development.

Our products have been used in various areas the economy i.e household, small/medium/large scale organizations, agriculture/farming, fishery, small/large scale industries etc. Because Honda is fully committed to reducing the impact the use of its products have/has on the environment, the product development team has been implementing proactive measures to help resolve environmental challenges hence you are assured of a steadfast commitment toward the preservation of our environment.

Our Basic Principle
Respect for the individual. The Three Joys (buying, selling and creating).

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